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| whychoose_title = Why choose ShoutWiki?
| whychoose_content =
*Newest stable version of the [[mw:|MediaWiki]] software: currently [[Special:Version|{{#sub:{{CURRENTVERSION}}|0|6}}]]
*Lots of [[ShoutWiki features|additional features]], such as [[Help:YouTube|embedded YouTube videos]] and [[Help:Extensions|much more!]]
*Great [[Customer Support Team|customer support]] by an [[Special:ListUsers/staff|experienced staff]]
*Many different [[wiki types|types of wikis]] to choose from
*[[Help:Shared user login|Shared login]] between all wikis (excluding [[private wiki|private]] ones)
| news_title = ShoutWiki News
| news_content =
* We have upgraded the site to MediaWiki 1.24. <small>(06 December 2014)</small>
* We have upgraded the site to MediaWiki 1.23. <small>(11 June 2014)</small>
* We're looking for new talent! See our [[Vacancies]] page.
* We have upgraded the site to MediaWiki 1.21.

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Welcome to All About Ayrshire!

The wiki that covers all aspects of North, East and South Ayrshire

What is ShoutWiki?

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You can create a wiki right away if you have an account and you're logged in. We offer three different types of a wiki, of which each one has different features: public wikis, private wikis and school / university wikis. Please read more about the different wiki types before choosing one - you never know which fits best for your purposes!

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