Patrick Huntar (19th Laird)

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Patrick Huntar
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Birth Name
Robert Huntar
Birth Date
Birth Place
Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire
Death Date
1665(1665-00-00) (aged 73–74)
Death Place
Hunterston Castle, Ayrshire
Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter
Jean Cunningham (m. 1605)
Marian Hamilton
William Huntar

Patrick Huntar (born 1591) <ref name=":2">Bernard, Burke (1879). A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland. p. 835.</ref><ref name=":0">"FamilySearch".</ref> was the 19th chief of Clan Hunter.<ref name=":1">Scottish Clan Family Encyclopedia. Collins. pp. 172–173.</ref> Born in at Hunterston Castle in Ayrshire.

He married Jean Cunninghame in 1605 and had 5 children.

  • Thomas Hunter (b. 1605) (d. ?)
  • Robert Hunter (b 1613) (d. 1679)
  • Henry Hunter (b. 1615) (d. 1673)
  • Francis Hunter (b. 1615) (d. 1679)
  • Jean Hunter (b. 1615) (d. ?)

Patrick was son of William Hunter (the great grandson of Mungo Hunter the 16th chief) of Binberry-yards a former parish in Ayr.

As appears from a charter in the possession of the present Hunterstoun. He had a retour of the lands of Ardneil- Hunterstoun and Campbeltoun, as heir of entail and provision, of Robert Hunter of Hunterstoun, 11th July, 1618 in a Precept of that date by Charles, as Prince and Stewart of Scotland.

In June, 1630, he sold the lands of South Games in Cumbrae to Sir Robert Montgomerie, elder of Skelmorlie. After this sale, the small islets called "The Allans" which formed a part and pertinent of this estate, continued to be possessed by the proprietors of Hunterston, although they are not specially reserved or mentioned in the conveyance to the purchaser. In 1634 he repurchased the lands of Annanhill from Robert Ferguson or Fergushill of that Ilk, and obtained a Crown charter from Charles I on 25th January of that year.<ref name=":4" />

His name occurs, among those of other gentlemen, in the Committee of War for Ayrshire, in the troublesome times of 1647.<ref name=":3" />

In 1662, we find the laird of Hunterston fined in £600 by one of Middleton's arbitrary acts<ref name=":3">Patterson, James (1847). History of the county of Ayr : with a genealogical account of the families of Ayrshire. p. 134.</ref>. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

He was present at the nuptials of his grandson, Patrick Hunter, with Marion Cunninghame, on 15th August, 1662, signed the marriage contract, and lived to see their children. He died about 1665, aged 74, as appears by two epitaphs, one in Latin and the other in English, which are still preserved.<ref name=":4">Patterson, James (1863). History of the counties of Ayr and Wigton. p. 351.</ref>