Saltcoats North Railway Station

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Saltcoats North







Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway


3rd September 1888
Reopened 1st February 1919


1st January 1917
Finally closed 4th July 1932

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Saltcoats North Railway Station was a train station serving the town of Saltcoats as part of the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


The station opened on 3rd September 1888 and was simply known as Saltcoats. It closed between 1st January 1917 and 1st February 1919 due to First World War, and upon the grouping of the L&AR into the London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1923, the station was renamed Saltcoats North on 2 June 1924. The station closed to passengers on 4th July 1932, however it was reopened for a time within two years when a special return fare price was introduced. The line saw use for trains going to Montgomerie Pier and the Shell Mex plant until 1968.

Station description

The adjacent road bridge in 2006

The station consisted of two side platform connected by a footbridge and with a small building on each side. By 1956 the footbridge and the building on the eastboard platform had been removed, however the westbound building remained intact albeit derelict. By the late 1960s only the overgrown platforms remained.


Since demolition, the site of Saltcoats North has been redeveloped into a housing estate. Most of the trackbed between the station and Stevenston Moorpark station has been filled in and converted into a pathway signposted as 'Old Caley Line'. Several road bridges that crossed the line here are still in existence, though are now partially buried in the ground. Aside from the road bridge that was directly adjacent to the station, there is no trace left of the station itself.

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Line Information

Preceding Station Historical Railways Following Station
Ardrossan North
Line and station closed
  Caledonian Railway
Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Line and station closed