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Documentation: Junction Box

The Infobox is the big template down the right hand side of every single page on the Wiki, other than those that relate to a road. This template calls the main {{Infobox}}, and passes parameters to it that are relevant to Junction pages. It also places the page within the Junctions category, and if the "region" parameter is set correctly, it will add the page to the correct regional category.

Do not edit this template unnecessarily as it is included in every crossing page. This causes issues regarding the Job Queue, after an update it takes hundreds of page views to clear the job queue. If edited twice, that number doubles (etc..) Smaller updates to other templates then need to wait for the job queue to clear before they take full effect, which can cause problems for other editors.

Test all edits on Template:Junction Box sandbox first.

To use this template, copy the code below, replacing anything within <tags> as appropriate. Note that these are only the most common tags, others are also available and are detailed at Help:Junction Infoboxes.

{{Junction Box
| name = <name>
| welsh = <welsh>
| irish = <irish>
| gaelic = <gaelic>
| county = <county>
| image = <image>
| caption = <caption>
| lat = <lat>
| lon = <lon>
| zoom = <zoom>
| layer = <layer>
| static = <static>
| roads = <roads>
| type = <type>
| authority = <authority>
| open = <open>
| offical_open = <official_open>
| closed = <closed>
| junctiontype = <junctiontype>
| rel1 = <rel1>
| rel2 = <rel2>
| rel3 = <rel3>
| rel4 = <rel4>
| rel5 = <rel5>

<name> - The primary English name of the junction. For crossings in Wales where the Welsh name is primarily used, put it here.
<welsh> - The Welsh name of the junction, if different.
<irish> - The Irish name of the junction, if different.
<gaelic> - The Gaelic name of the junction, if different.
<county> - The Historic (or Traditional) County that the junction is located within.
<image> - A suitable picture for diplaying to illustrate the junction.
<caption> - The caption for the above image, if needed.
<lat> - The latitude of the junction. Needed to display a map.
<lon> - The longitude of the junction. Needed to display a map.
<zoom> - The zoom level of a displayed map.
<static> - Forces a map to display in static mode, so removes the ability to scroll or zoom. Must be equal to true if desired.
<layer> - The SABRE Maps layer displayed in this Infobox. Defaults to OpenStreetMap if not used.
<type> - The type of the most major road that uses the junction.
<open> - The opening date of the junction.
<closed> - The closure date of the junction, if relevant. Should be used with a type of "defunct"
<junctiontype> - The type of the junction, so "crossroads", "roundabout" etc. See Category:Junction Types.
<roads> - The road number(s) that use a junction.
<authority> - The Highway or Road Authority managing the junction, if a local or national authority.