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There might be several reasons you want to edit an image in the gallery.

  • The description is wrong.
  • The location of the image is wrong, or missing.
  • You want to add the image to more categories, so it can be more easily found.


To edit an image, simply click on "Edit" as if you were editing a standard page. You'll instead be taken to a screen that allows you to edit individual properties more simply.


In the top right hand corner of the edit window, you'll see a preview of the existing image. This is useful so can you remember what image you're working on! If the image is too small, click on it, and you'll be presented with a full screen version.


This should be in the format day, month, year. For example: 14 04 2013

Username, Name and Source and Licence[edit]

These properties are generally set when uploading from Geograph or Flickr. You probably don't need to edit any of these.


If the image is of a classified road (most are), type the road number in the box. The number will then be checked, and, if appropriate, alternative roads will be suggested. For example, typing in A1 will ask if you meant the British, Northern Irish or Manx version of the number. You can enter up to three different roads.


For images that aren't of any specific road (such as signs, traffic signals or street lighting), you can type a pre-existing gallery name in here. As with roads, the gallery name will be checked to confirm it already exists. You can add up to four galleries here.


A map appears to the right of the "Location" area. If the location of the image is set, the map will automatically focus and put a marker on it, otherwise you'll be given a high level view of the British Isles. Drag the map, zooming in as necessary, to where the image was taken, and click on the exact spot when you can see the location clearly on the map.

If the image was uploaded from an external source such as Geograph or Flickr, the location may well already be set.


You might want to leave a short edit summary in the "Summary" box, that says what you've done. For example : "Added location, moved to Pre-Worboys Advance Directions gallery"

Completing the edit[edit]

When you're happy with your changes, click on "Save" and the image will be updated.