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Now what?

The standard process of uploading images in MediaWiki is not an easy one, and is not totally user friendly. To aid the process of uploading images from Geograph, a special tool has been created for this purpose.

Is it legal to use Geograph images?[edit]

Any image uploaded to Geograph must be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic licence, which enables images to be reused on the condition the original author is attributed and the image is shared in the same way.

Why should we use Geograph images?[edit]

The aim of the Geograph website is to "photograph every gridsquare", and as roads are a prominent feature in most gridsquares, there are many thousands of images available which are useful to the SABRE wiki. Many pictures taken by SABRE members are done from the comfort of a car, which gives a very one sided viewpoint of a road, whereas the contributors to Geograph take photos from many angles, giving a different perspective on the road.

How do I use Geograph images?[edit]

The process is easy, and there are two ways to do it.

Method 1[edit]

When you visit Special:Upload you will see a blue box near the top of the page, where you can give the URL of the Geograph image page ( as an example). After hitting submit, the next page you see should be pre-filled with much of the data required for the image. The only modifications that need to be made are generally adding the appropriate roads, and the appropriate categories. The form is self explanatory so this shouldn't be a problem.

Method 2[edit]

If you find yourself uploading multiple images from geograph, it may be beneficial to add a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. A bookmarklet is simply a bookmark containing a small amount of javascript code to perform a specific function. In this case, the bookmarklet will take the URL of the current page, and pass it to the import tool mentioned above, simplifying the process even more.

To use this, you need to add the following code as a bookmark in your browser:


Now, whenever you are browsing Geograph, and you see an image you wish to upload to the wiki, you just select that bookmark and it will do the work for you!