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The code[edit]

The Sign Box creates a Routebox style template in the top right of the page giving key information on the UK variant of the sign concerned. Once more information on Irish signs is discovered the following code may be expanded to include more variables.

{{Sign Box
 | name              = 
 | image             = 
 | caption           = 
 | ref               = 
 | from              = 
 | to                = 
 | changes           = 
 | variants          = 
 | lit               = 
 | plates            = 

Attribute reference table[edit]

Attribute Optional? Description Example Default
name Required A Suitable name for the sign Double Bend Page name
image Optional The filename of an image to include Cornwall sign - Coppermine - 1194.JPG
caption Optional A description of the image The modern double bend sign
ref Required The TSGRD reference number 513
from Optional The dates the sign has been used between 1920s
to present
changes Optional Dates of sign revisions if any 1964, 1975
variants Optional Links to any other signs that are related Bend
lit Optional Whether the sign is permitted to be lit, and if so in what circumstances n/a
plates Optional Common plates mounted beneath the sign (for) x yds / miles

An Example[edit]

The below code generates an infobox for use on the Severn Bridge page. Note that not all attributes are used.

{{Sign Box
 | name    = Double Bend
 | image   = Cornwall sign - Coppermine - 1194.JPG
 | caption = The modern double bend sign
 | ref     = 513 / 513R
 | from    = 1920s
 | to      = present
 | changes = 1964, 1975
 | variants = [[Warning Sign/Bend|Bend]]
 | lit     = 
 | plates  = (for) x yds / miles