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The route list templates generate a table of routes radiating from a certain point, this could be a town or junction.


The listing starts with a {{Route List Head}}, this begins the table. Below this, a separate use of the RL template should be given for each route. The RL template takes four parameters, route, type, to and notes. As what is given in the route parameter aids categorisation, only one route number should be given here with no punctuation. The to parameter should be filled with what is signed along that route. The type parameter accepts any road type that is commonly used in other infoboxes (primary, non primary, motorway, defunct etc.). The notes parameter allows for any extra notes to be added to the entry. Always close the listing with a |}, this correctly closes the table. If you fail to do this, content below the table may not appear correctly.


This is what is used on the Falmouth page.

{{Route List Head}}
|route = A39
|type  = primary
|to    = [[Truro]]
|route = A394
|type  = primary
|to    = [[Helston]] 
|notes = Accessed via [[A39]]
|route = A393
|to    = [[Redruth]]
|notes = Accessed via [[A39]]
|route = B3292
|to    = Penryn

Note, what is given in the route parameter, is what will be linked and related. When adding a route list in Northern Ireland for example, you should enter "route = M1 (Northern Ireland)" rather than just M1 (as the M1 page relates to the M1 in England). You can use the extra display= parameter to change the text that is displayed, as in the example below, taken from the Belfast page.

{{RL|type = motorway
|route    = M1 (Northern Ireland)
|display  = M1
|to       = [[Lisburn]]
|notes    =       

Related Pages[edit]

The use of these templates automatically relates the current page, to the page of the road being given. This aids navigation and image categorisation.