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The code[edit]

{{Primary Destination
 | name               = 
 | image              = 
 | caption            = 
 | lat                = 
 | lng                = 
 | zoom               = 
 | traditional_county = 
 | ceremonial_county  = 
 | authority          = 
 | primary_roads      = 
 | next               = 
 | near               = 

Attribute reference table[edit]

Attribute Optional? Description Example Default
name Optional The name of the destination Amersham Uses page title if not given
welsh Optional The name of the destination in Welsh, if applicable Caerdydd
gaelic Optional The name of the destination in Gaelic, if applicable An Gearasdan
image Optional The file name of an image to include in the infobox The A448 through Bromsgrove - Geograph - 1087412.jpg
caption Optional A caption to go with the image The A448 passing through the town centre
lat Optional The latitude and longitude of the junction, this automatically generates a map in the infobox. This page can be used to locate this information. 51.6633
lng -0.6127
zoom Optional The zoom level of the map if lat/lng is specified. The higher the number, the greater the zoom. 13 12
traditional_county Optional Which county the town lies in, if only one is entered, the other will default to the same. (So only enter both if they are different) Staffordshire
ceremonial_county West Midlands
authority Optional The highway authority which controls the roads in the area
primary_roads Optional Primary Roads serving the town. Put in numerical order and seperate with commas A355, A413
next Optional The next primary destinations along the Primary Routes serving the destination. Seperate entries using the {{-}} template (creates a dot). Aylesbury {{-}} Beaconsfield {{-}} London (Uxbridge)
near Optional Nearby primary destinations which are signed from the destination, but linked via a non-primary route. Seperate entries using the {{-}} template (creates a dot). High Wycombe {{-}} Watford.