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The code

The new style infobox template can be used on any junction, and most variables are optional. See below for reference of what variables do, and extra variables that may be included. You may spot some articles using parameters which aren't listed here, these are from previous incarnations of the infobox which have been included for backwards compatibility and we hope to update all of these asap.

{{Junction Box
 | country            = 
 | region             = 
 | traditional_county = 
 | ceremonial_county  = 
 | authority          = 
 | type               = 
 | name               = 
 | image              = 
 | caption            = 
 | location           = 
 | junctiontype       = 
 | road1              = 
 | road2              = 
 | lat                = 
 | lng                = 

Attribute reference table

Attribute Optional? Description Example Default
country Required The country the junction is in. Do not [[Wikilink]] England
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
country2 Optional
region Required
If country is England
The region in which the junction resides. Do not [[Wikilink]] North West England
North East England
Yorkshire and the Humber
West Midlands
East Midlands
East of England
Greater London
South East England
South West England
region2 Optional
traditional_county Required The traditional county. Do not [[Wikilink]] Staffordshire
traditional_county2 Optional
ceremonial_county Optional The ceremonial county, if different to the traditional one. Do not [[Wikilink]] West Midlands
ceremonial_county2 Optional
authority Required The highways authority which maintains the junction. Do not [[Wikilink]] Highways Agency
authoirity2 Optional
name Required A name for the junction if known. Catthorpe Junction
type Optional The type of junction, choose from the following: primary
non primary
unbuilt motorway
former motorway
future motorway
non primary
name Required A name for the junction if known. Catthorpe Junction
image Optional The filename of an image to include Catthorpe.jpg
location Optional The location of the junction Near Rugby
junctiontype Optional The type of junction Fork
road1 Optional The roads that meet at the junction. Do not [[Wikilink]] M1
road2 M6
road3 A14
road4 A427
road5 B5414
road1_jct Optional The junction number of the roads in question (do not use if there are no junction numbers on that road for that junction) 16
road2_jct 1A
road3_jct 3B
former_number1 Optional Numbers of roads which have previously met at this junction. Do not [[Wikilink]] M1
former_number2 M6
former_number3 A14
former_number4 A427
former_number5 B5414
lat Optional The latitude and longitude of the junction, this automatically generates a map in the infobox. This page can be used to locate this information. 52.4028
lng -1.1769
mapheight Optional The width and height of the map shown in the routebox. It is reccomended that you don't exceed a width of 300 pixels, otherwise it will make the infobox too wide. 400 250
mapwidth 300 250
zoom Optional The zoom level of the map if lat/lng is specified. The higher the number, the greater the zoom. 13 14

An Example

The below code generates a routebox for use on the Catthorpe Junction page. Note that not all attributes are used.

{{Junction Box
 | country            = England
 | region             = East Midlands
 | traditional_county = Leicestershire
 | authority          = Highways Agency
 | type               = motorway
 | name               = Catthorpe
 | road1              = M1
 | road1_jct          = 19
 | road2              = M6
 | road3              = A14
 | former_number1     = B5414
 | junctiontype       = Dumbbell with Fork
 | location           = Catthorpe
 | lat                = 52.4049
 | lng                = -1.1783 
 | zoom               = 14